Extended Lances

Increase the sizes of lances where it makes sense. For the vanilla game this does nothing. If another mod is using Mission Control, then they can set Clan stars (5 mechs) or Comstar Demi-lances / Reinforced lances (6 mechs).

This works for both vanilla spawn points for contract types and spawns created by Mission Control.

Extended lances can change the lance size of vanilla lance spawns and ones created with Mission Control's Additional Lances feature.

Settings Breakdown

"ExtendedLances": {
"Enable": true,
"EnableForFlashpoints": true,
"Autofill": true,
"ExcludeContractTypes": ["SoloDuel", "DuoDuel"],
"SkipWhenTaggedWithAny": ["lance_type_solo"],
"SkipWhenTaggedWithAll": [],
"SkipWhenExcludeTagsContain": ["no_extended_lance"],
"LanceSizes": {
"5": [
"Faction": "AuriganRestoration",
"DifficultyMod": -1
"Faction": "TaurianConcordat",
"DifficultyMod": -2
"6": [
"Faction": "Comstar",
"DifficultyMod": -4
EnableOptionaltrueShould this feature be enabled or not?
EnableForFlashpointsOptionaltrueEnable feature for Flashpoints if EnableFlashpointOverrides is true
AutofillOptionaltrueIf true, EL will attempt to autofill a lance up to the lance size set below under LanceSizes. This is currently just a copy of the unit in the first lance slot
SkipWhenTaggedWithAnyOptional["lance_type_solo"]Skip if ANY of the set tags exist under a lance lanceTagSet in the contract override JSON being used
SkipWhenTaggedWithAllOptional[]Skip if ALL of the set tags exist under a lance lanceTagSet in the contract override JSON being used
SkipWhenExcludeTagsContainOptional["no_extended_lance"]Skip if ANY of the set tags exist under a lance lanceExcludedTagSet in the contract override JSON
LanceSizesOptionalN/ASets which faction should have higher lance sizes. By default all faction lances are 4 units like vanilla.

Lance Sizes

Any string number above 4 (e.g. "5")OptionalN/ASee Table Below-

Lance Sizes Data

FactiontruetrueThe faction short name is used to identify which faction should have the set number of units
DifficultyModOptionaltrueThe difficulty modifier changes the lance selection criteria so a lower, or higher, difficulty lance is selected

Faction Ids

The Faction name you use is taken from your BATTLETECH/BattleTech_Data/StreamingAssets/data/enums/Faction.json file and the Name property. You can also refer to modded factions here too in the same way, by using their Name property.

The vanilla factions are:

  • Davion
  • Liao
  • Kurita
  • Marik
  • Steiner
  • TaurianConcordat
  • MagistracyOfCanopus
  • AuriganDirectorate
  • AuriganRestoration
  • ComStar
  • MercenaryReviewBoard
  • AuriganPirates
  • AuriganMercenaries
  • Locals
  • Unknown
  • MagistracyCentrella
  • MajestyMetals
  • Nautilus
  • Betrayers
  • FlakJackals
  • LocalsBrockwayRefugees
  • SelfEmployed
  • MasonsMarauders
  • SteelBeast
  • KellHounds
  • RazorbackMercs
  • HostileMercenaries
  • EmeraldDawn
  • SianTriumphant
  • ProfHorvat
  • RedHareRegiment
  • EdCorbu
  • DuchyOfAndurien
  • BlackCalderaDefense
  • GrayDeathLegion
  • HouseNakano
  • SelfEmployed_Yang
  • SecuritySolutionsInc
  • PaladinProtectionLLC
  • HouseKhulan
  • BlackWidowCompany
  • BountyHunterAssociates
  • SelfEmployed_Farah
  • SelfEmployed_Sumire
  • Moderbjorn
  • BaumannGroup