Set Units in Region to be Tagged Objective Targets Result

The SetUnitsInRegionToBeTaggedObjectiveTargets result is a helper result. It's an optimised combination of:

  • TagUnitsInRegion result
  • SetTeamByTag result
  • SetIsObjectiveTargetByTag result

This selects a specified number of units within a Region to be tagged, set to a specified Team and have the IsObjectiveTarget flag set on it.


RegionGuidtrue-Guid of the Region
UnitTypetrue-Type of Unit to tag.

Current supports: Building
NumberOfUnitsfalse1Number of units to tag, set team and set IsObjectiveTarget flag on
Teamtrue-Team to change units to.

Supported teams are: Player1, Player2, Employer, Target, TargetAlly, NeutralToAll, HostileToAll, World
IsObjectiveTargettrue-IsObjectiveTarget is used by Objectives. For example, Destroy Buildings Objectives.

Set to: true or false
Tagstrue-Tags to identify the Building. If multiple are provided then ALL must match.


"Name": "Trigger_Tag_Buildings_3b",
"TriggerOn": "OnEncounterStateChanged",
"Description": "Tag buildings on chunk active for 3b",
"Conditionals": [
"Type": "EncounterObjectMatchesStateConditional",
"Guid": "df31d9e4-762f-4556-bc49-ce8dc1659c0a",
"Status": "Active"
"Results": [
"Type": "SetUnitsInRegionToBeTaggedObjectiveTargets",
"RegionGuid": "21a03616-c88b-4edd-a9a9-b4dd54b46d6c",
"UnitType": "Building",
"NumberOfUnits": 4,
"Team": "Employer",
"IsObjectiveTarget": true,
"Tags": ["defend_building_3b"]