Set Team By Tag Result

The SetTeamByTag result sets the team of any tagged unit by the specified tag.

This currently only supports Buildings.


Teamtrue-Team to change units to.

Supported teams are: Player1, Player2, Employer, Target, TargetAlly, NeutralToAll, HostileToAll, World
Tagstrue-Tags to identify the unit(s) you wish to change team. If multiple are provided then ALL must match.
AlertLancefalsetrueSpecifies if the lance should be on alert after they change team. Certain behaviours in the AI depend on a lance being in alert mode, such as the main combat behaviours and hunting last seen enemies
ApplyTagsfalse-Tags to add to units when they change team


"Type": "SetTeamByTag",
"Team": "Employer",
"Tags": ["defend_building_3b"],
"AlertLance": false,
"ApplyTags": ["defected_building"]