Set Status Result

The SetStatus result sets the status of a Chunk or Node. This allows for activating/disabling entire Chunks of map logic based on certain conditions or more targetted approaches like disabling a Region, for example.


EncounterGuidtrue-Guid of the Chunk, Node or other accessible Encounter Object obtained from the Combat ItemRegistry when triggered
Statustrue-Status to set the Encounter Object to.

Supported status are: Active, Inactive, Finished, Nothing, ControlledByContract


"Name": "Trigger_Disable_Region_1",
"TriggerOn": "OnObjectiveUpdated",
"Description": "Disable the first region on first objective complete",
"Conditionals": [
"Type": "ObjectiveStatusConditional",
"Guid": "786166e2-22ea-45c1-9786-68df31958bd8",
"Status": "Success"
"Results": [
"Type": "SetStatus",
"EncounterGuid": "e7e9f35b-7ed8-404e-9dae-69be61de2dd3",
"Status": "Finished"