Execute Game Logic Result

The ExecuteGameLogic result allows for running special logic on custom Encounter Objects that contain the special script of ExecutableGameLogic on them.

Only certain Encounter Objects support this and they are all custom to Mission Control, or possibly if other modders have created their own custom objects supporting this. The custom supported Encounter Objects are:

  • Node Contract-Edit with the subtype SwapTeamFactions
  • Chunk that contains the OnActiveExecute logic of type Dialogue
  • Chunk that contains the OnActiveExecute logic of type SetChunkStateAtRandom

This ExecuteGameLogic result is rarely used and normally for hard to implement logic that isn't otherwise supported by the other results.


ChunkGuidtrue-Guid of an Encounter Object that has a ExecutableGameLogic script on it. Supported types are mentioned above


"Name": "Trigger_SwapEmployerAndTargetFaction",
"TriggerOn": "OnObjectiveUpdated",
"Description": "Swap Employer And Target Faction on OnObjectiveUpdated",
"Conditionals": [
"Type": "ObjectiveStatusConditional",
"Guid": "786166e2-22ea-45c1-9786-68df31958bd8",
"Status": "Success"
"Results": [
"Type": "ExecuteGameLogic",
"ChunkGuid": "71e9b8ae-28c8-4b9f-a933-c21b692aab2b" // Guid of a Container Chunk with a ContractEdit SwapTeamFactions child