Complete Objective Result

The CompleteObjective result completes a specified objective. It can be marked as Succeed or Failed.


ObjectiveGuidtrue-Guid of the Objective
CompletionTypefalseSucceedThis is the state of the Objective. You can mark it as: Succeed or Failed


The below example shows a Trigger that watches when a specific Objective of DestroyLance is complete. For the situation, when this happens we want to complete a different Objective of DefendXUnits as the situation is now resolved in the custom contract type. We make use of the CompleteObjective result to achieve this - completing the DefendXUnits Objective.

"Name": "Trigger_Complete_Objective_Defend_3b",
"TriggerOn": "OnObjectiveUpdated",
"Description": "Complete the defend objective",
"Conditionals": [
"Type": "ObjectiveStatusConditional",
"Guid": "a0b9c5b2-c594-4c5a-be1d-028a51c51519", // Guid of 'DestroyLance' Objective 'Objective_DestroyLance'
"Status": "Success" // If this Objective is a success...
"Results": [
"Type": "CompleteObjective", // Complete a different Objective of subtype 'DefendXUnits'
"ObjectiveGuid": "67b973aa-d770-4be7-bfee-36b516bc4699" // Guid of 'DefendXUnits' Objective 'Objective_DefendBuildings'