Dialogue Matches Conditional

The DialogueMatchesConditional conditional checks the incoming Trigger caller Guid against the specified conditional DialogueGuid. If they match then the condition is satisfied. This is often used together with a TriggerOn of OnDialogueComplete, which sends the Guid of the completed Dialogue Encounter Object.


Guidtrue-A UUIDv4 of the objective you wish to check against
Statustrue-The Objective status you want the conditional to pass on a successful check.

Statuses are: InProgress, Complete, Success, Failed, NotInProgress


"Name": "Trigger_Activate_Post_3a",
"TriggerOn": "OnDialogueComplete",
"Description": "Activate Post 3a Chunk",
"Conditionals": [
"Type": "DialogueMatchesConditional", // Checks the completed Dialogue Guid against the specified DialogueGuid below
"DialogueGuid": "4ef16b5e-1486-4399-8835-b81026b22cac"
// more Trigger properties