Swap Placement

The SwapPlacement node allows for swapping locations around of in-game nodes.


This node swaps the location of two EncounterObjectGameLogic objects in the map. This could be used to swap things like LanceSpawners around for variation.

Nametrue-Name of the Node that will be used for the Unity game object
TypetrueSwapPlacementType of node
SubTypetrueEncounterStructureSubtype of node
TargetGuid1true-The GUID of the first target EncounterObjectGameLogic to be swapped
TargetGuid2true-The GUID of the second target EncounterObjectGameLogic to be swapped
"Name": "Chunk_SwapSpawnerPlacement",
"Type": "Chunk",
"SubType": "Placement",
"ControlledByContract": true,
"Guid": "ed007c52-f4cb-4bfc-842a-a50454d8a82a",
"Children": [
"Name": "SwapPlacement_SwapLanceSpawners",
"Type": "SwapPlacement",
"SubType": "EncounterStructure",
"TargetGuid1": "76b654a6-4f2c-4a6f-86e6-d4cf868335fe", // Player spawner
"TargetGuid2": "f426f0dc-969d-477d-81a9-d02f9e1eff79" // Enemy spawner