The Spawner node allows for creation of lance spawns in the map. There are plans to extend this to building and general object spawns but that's future functionality.


This node spawns a lance you'd expect to find in BattleTech.

Nametrue-Name of the Node that will be used for the Unity game object
TypetrueSpawnerType of node
SubTypetrueSimpleSpawnerSubtype of node (probably to be renamed to SimpleLanceSpawner soon)
Positiontrue-Position of the lance spawner
Rotationtrue-Rotation of the lance spawner
Teamtrue-Team key

Usable: Player, Target, TargetAlly, Employer, NeutralToAll, HostileToAll
Guidtrue-A UUIDv4 that you then use in the contract json

Will be removed in the future. SpawnPointGuids replaces it as the number of GUIDs provided determins the number of spawn points
SpawnPointGuidstrue-An array of UUIDv4s. One GUID for each spawn point in the lance. The spawner will use this to determine how many units should exist in a lance
SpawnPointPositionsfalse-An object mapping UUID of each SpawnPointGuid to a Position object of x,y,z
SpawnPointRotationsfalse-An object mapping UUID of each SpawnPointGuid to a Rotation object of x,y,z Euler rotation
MountOnfalseAn object mapping UUID of the lance unit (see SpawnPointGuids) to an object scene path within the map Unity/BattleTech scene. Use BTDebug mod to inspect the scene for the path.

The mount target will be found and the lance unit will be placed at that location. See below for an example.
PreciseSpawnPointsfalsefalseIf false (default) the unit spawn positions will snap to the nearest hex point on the grid.

If true, then the exact positions will be used, with the addition of a height check on the position specified
SpawnTypetrue-The type of spawn method.

Usable: Leopard, DropPod, Instant
AItrue-An array of AI orders.
AlertLanceOnSpawnfalsefalseSpecifies if the lance should be on alert after they spawn. Certain behaviours in the AI depend on a lance being in alert mode, such as the main combat behaviours and hunting last seen enemies
DefaultDetectionRangefalse200Specify the lance's default detection range of their enemies
Tagsfalse-Specify the tags to be applied to the lance spawner for use in results/triggers


"Name": "Lance_Enemy_OpposingForce",
"Type": "Spawner",
"SubType": "SimpleSpawner",
"Position": {
"Type": "World", // World, Local
"Value": { "x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0 }
"Rotation": {
"Type": "World", // World, Local
"Value": { "x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0 }
"Team": "Target",
"Guid": "f426f0dc-969d-477d-81a9-d02f9e1eff79", // Must match the spawner guids in the contract .json
"SpawnPoints": 4,
"SpawnPointGuids": [
], // Must match the unit spawn guids in the contract .json
"SpawnType": "Leopard", // Leopard, DropPod, Instant
"AI": [
"Type": "StayInsideRegion",
"RegionGuid": "21a03616-c88b-4edd-a9a9-b4dd54b46d6c"
"Type": "MagicKnowledgeByTag",
"Action": "Add",
"Tags": ["Player 1"]
"Type": "PrioritiseTaggedUnit",
"Tags": ["defend_building_3b"],
"Priority": 1
"AlertLanceOnSpawn": true

MountOn Example

// Use BTDebug mod to inspect the game scene for the correct path
"MountOn": {
"38538181-1208-4cd1-bad9-7469f2cb9478": "PlotParent/FireMission_Turrets/PlotVariant1/envPrfFndn_turretTowerMount (1)",
"6552d0c2-b705-49b8-a4f8-5205e537db05": "PlotParent/FireMission_Turrets/PlotVariant1/envPrfFndn_turretTowerMount (2)",
"23e3c6ad-31e3-459b-9f0c-a7f5614e4662": "PlotParent/FireMission_Turrets/PlotVariant1/envPrfFndn_turretTowerMount (4)"