The Dialogue node allows for creating dialogue related game logic.

Often, it's best to trigger dialogue within an inactive chunk that is then enabled, then specifying the OnActiveExecute for the dialogue. However, there are multiple ways to activate it, such as the Simple node's Trigger property.


This node creates a simple dialogue node which can then be used in the contract json.

Nametrue-Name of the Node that will be used for the Unity game object
TypetrueDialogueType of node
SubTypetrueSimpleSubtype of node
Guidtrue-A UUIDv4. This is then used in the contract json to link to actual written dialogue
Triggerfalse-Any MessageCenterMessageType or MC MessageType enum value name, e.g. OnEncounterBegin
"Name": "Dialogue_First_Point_Of_Interest",
"Type": "Dialogue",
"SubType": "Simple",
"Guid": "e0ca3227-ffbf-4088-a261-3d4e9ab7d4c5",
"Trigger": "OnEncounterBegin",
"ShowOnlyOnce": true