Combat State

The CombatState node allows for modifications and checks for specific combat state related logic.


This node ensures that no player pilots can die and optionally not be injured. This is useful, for example, if some contract story doesn't make sense for the pilot to be killed (e.g. a practice fight or training).

Nametrue-Name of the Node that will be used for the Unity game object
TypetrueCombatStateType of node
SubTypetrueDisablePilotDeathSubtype of node
DisableInjuriesfalsefalseShould the pilots be immune to injury too? true makes them not take injury. false is the vanilla behaviour.
"Name": "Chunk_DisablePilotDeath",
"Type": "Chunk",
"SubType": "Container",
"ControlledByContract": true,
"Guid": "953a5930-06d0-4a2d-9840-e9a70c2a63ea",
"Children": [
"Name": "CombatState_DisablePilotDeath",
"Type": "CombatState",
"SubType": "DisablePilotDeath",
"DisableInjuries": false