A node is a logic object that is added to the contract type encounter. It can be anything like the placing a Spawner, creating an Objective or Dialogue entry, creating a Region or even editing contract data before the encounter even starts.

Node Structure

"Name": "Spawner_Enemy_RoamingForce",
"Type": "Spawner",
"SubType": "SimpleSpawner"
// Follow by Node-specific properties
Nametrue-Name of the Node that will be used for the Unity game object
Typetrue-Type of node
SubTypetrue-Subtype of node

Node Types

ContractEditUsed for any contract override edits required before the encounter begins
DialogueUsed for any dialogue creation
ObjectiveUsed for any objective creation
RegionUsed for any region creation, including the encounter boundary
SpawnerUsed for any spawner creation
SwapPlacementUsed for any position and rotation conditional logic creation