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Release v1.5.2

This very minor release just fixes some position issues in Blackout maps.

For detailed documentation, visit the Mission Control Website.

NOTE: This release is only to officially release out the two hotfix files that were in the MC discord for over half a year. If you already have those there is no need for you to download this release.

🐛 Bug Fixes

🆙 Upgrade Instructions

This update is just a mod.json and two contractTypeBuild files update.

  • If you're using MC without a modpack and none of your own changes, just delete the MC folder and move the new one into your mods folder
  • If you're using MC as part of a modpack, let the modpack authors update MC for you (using the below guide)
  • If you're using MC without a modpack but you've made some of your own changes to the configs, or you're a modpack author:
    • Copy into your Mods/MissionControl folder
      • mod.json
  • Copy and overwrite:
    • contractTypeBuilds/Blackout/story2_badlandsparched.jsonc
    • contractTypeBuilds/Blackout/story7_lowlandsspring.jsonc

NOTE: There was no dll rebuild for this release so the version on that still says v1.5.1. This is not an issue.