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Release v0.3.0

This release adds major and minor features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Major Features

  • Extended Boundaries - Increases the map size to the maximum possible. Sometimes up to four times the size.
  • Dynamic Withdraw - When withdrawing, a dynamic extraction zone is created that you must get your lance to before you can escape the mission
  • Added 'Attack Defend' contract type support
  • Added 'Fire Mission' contract type support

Minor Features

  • Extended Lances: Allowed for specifying a difficulty modifier to the faction to allow for individual lance selection tweaks
  • Extended Lances: Added Better Base Defence compatibility


  • Map loading times are improved again
  • Prevented turret lances from being influenced by Extended Lances
  • Reduced the amount of bad lance spawns where you're stuck on a hill / mountain but can move a little bit

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed infinite load screen caused by Extended Lances
  • Fixed Extended Lances adding bad spawns for the additional lance units
  • Fixed a bug where Extended Lances couldn't handle a bad contract json usecase