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Release v0.2.0

This is the full release version of v0.2.0. Like the pre-release it fully supports v1.3 and Flashpoints.

Major Features

  • Extended Lances - Increase the size of a faction's lances allowing for clan stars (5 mechs) and reinforced lances / comstar demi-lances (6 mechs). Works for vanilla spawns and Mission Control spawns.
  • Additional Lances Faction Rep - Allow faction reputation range to select which lance to use
  • Additional Lances Elite Lances - Allow elite lances to be selected if allied or enemy with a faction
  • Flashpoint options - Allow for disabling Mission Control entirely, or just disabling only Additional Lances for FPs
  • Additional Lances Skull Lance Difficulty - Added a full initial set of lances to fit different difficulty levels
  • Ally Lance Combat Dialogue - Added more dialogue than the sample amount in v0.2.0a
  • Additional Lances Tonnage Restrictions - Ability to disable Additional Lances on various tonnage rules
  • BT v1.3 / FP Support
  • Ally Lance Combat Dialogue - Unique dialogue per contract type and MC contract type variations if you have an ally lance dropping with you.
  • Additional Lances Skull Lance Difficulty - Additional Lances now take into account skull difficulty when selecting lances to drop into a contract.
  • Additional Lances in Battle are Primary Objectives - This makes a lot of sense for a Battle as the contract sometimes would end seemingly at random when the original targets were destroyed.
  • Hot Drop Safety Features - When dropping into close proximity of enemies hot drop safety features will take effect. In the settings.json you can modify these. It supports auto-guard, auto-evasion and an option to include the enemies in this protection mode too.

Minor Features

  • Added damaged lances to the Additional Lances selection
  • Added more pilot names for combat dialogue
  • Added more pilot portraits for combat dialogue
  • Added option to turn ally drop combat dialogue off


  • Changed the Additional Lance keys from all uppercase to upper snake case.
  • Tweaked the path finder checks for spawning to make it slightly more lenient on sloped spawns

Bugs Fixed

  • Skirmish would crash if ally combat dialogue referenced 'Commander' string replacement as no Commander exists like in the Sim Game
  • Contract Loading Freezes - A few contract loading freezes were fixed
  • Contract Loading Loops - A few contract loading loop issues were fixed
  • Contract Loading Times Improved - Contract loading times are drastically improved
  • Random Spawns Fallback Fixes - Fallbacks weren't always activated correctly and when they were used sometimes the lance orientation was incorrect.