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I'm Back

Hey guys! I'm back!

After 9 or 10 months of burnout I started feeling the itch to get back to some fun programming. Fun programming for me includes modding! I'm going to be taking it slowly but I will be starting to update Mission Control again (and other mod/tool projects) so keep an eye out for fun new things!

And with that, I'm releasing a new update for Mission Control with v1.2.0. Read the changelog for more information and I hope you enjoy it!


Hi everyone. Since Mission Control has been in development (June 2018) it's been steadily growing in features. I felt that it had outgrown simple github README.md pages so I've decided to set up a more usable resource for modders and gamers.

Check out the Documentation to read about Mission Control's reasoning, features, tutorials and more.

Don't forget to join my Discord server if you're interested in providing feedback or suggesting features, like new custom contract types.

Also, if you fancy supporting my efforts to bring new content and experiences to BattleTech - feel free to support me by Buying me a Coffee.