Release v1.2.0

This is the first release after my break. This fixes a few issues that have been hanging over me since I was away.

This release fixes some annoying broken functionality such as MC Flashpoint support, adds MC Story support, adds improvements and fixes various bugs.

Minor Features


  • Blackout: Changed the 'Trap' event in Phase 1 to reduce evasion by 2 instead of 3
    • Players take less of an evasion hit from the trap
  • Better Skirmish Control
    • You can now use MC with Skirmish without the debug / quick skirmish rules (this means no longer spawning right next to each other)
    • A new settings.json property called EnableSkirmishMode which controls if this MC Skirmish ruleset is running
    • DebugSkirmishMode still exists and will spawn you next to the enemy for tests. It will also show the 'Quick Skirmish' button if enabled, and takes precedent over EnableSkirmishMode
  • Vanilla: Support Story Flashpoints to be failable
    • Previously when failing a Story Flashpoint you would see the 'Restart', 'Load Save' or 'Exit Game' menu
    • You now can safely fail the contract
    • If for whatever reason you don't want this behaviour then you can use the setting "NeverFailSimGameInFlashpoints": false in the settings.json

Bug Fixes


  • EncounterRules.GetPlayerLanceChunkName() will be removed in the future. Use EncounterRules.GetPlayerLanceChunkGameObject(GameObject encounterLayerGo) instead
  • EncounterRules.GetPlayerLanceSpawnerName() will be removed in the future. Use EncounterRules.GetPlayerSpawnerGameObject(GameObject chunkPlayerLanceGo) instead

Upgrade Instructions

  • If you're using MC without a modpack and none of your own changes, just delete the MC folder and move the new one into your mods folder
  • If you're using MC as part of a modpack, let the modpack authors update MC for you (using the below guide)
  • If you're using MC without a modpack but you've made some of your own changes to the configs, or you're a modpack author:
    • Copy into your Mods/MissionControl folder
      • MissionControl.dll
      • mod.json
      • contractTypeBuilds/Blackout/common.jsonc
      • Edit settings.json (and/or your settings.user.json / settings.modpack.json overrides) with the following:

Add EnableSkirmishMode property above DebugSkirmishMode and set to 'true'

Enables the new Skirmish encounter ruleset

"EnableSkirmishMode": true,

Disable DebugSkirmishMode property

Disables the 'Quick Skirmish' button and disables the debug encounter ruleset that spawns you next to the enemy lance. Ideal use for this is for testing.

"DebugSkirmishMode": false,

Add the following properties after EnableAdditionalPlayerMechsForFlashpoints

"NeverFailSimGameInFlashpoints": true,
"EnableStoryOverrides": false,
"EnableAdditionalPlayerMechsForStory": false,

Add EnableForStory in every feature section under EnableForFlashpoints property and set to 'false'

Do this for:

  • RandomSpawns
  • HotDropProtection
  • AdditionalLances
  • ExtendedLances
  • ExtendedBoundaries
  • DynamicWithdraw
"EnableForStory": false,