Release v0.4.5

This release focuses on fixing bugs introduced by v0.4.4.

Tracked by Milestone - v0.4.5

Upgrade Instructions

  • If you're using MC without a modpack and none of your own changes, just delete the MC folder and move the new one into your mods folder
  • If you're using MC without a modpack but you've made some of your own changes to the configs:
    • Just copy the new MissionControl.dll and mod.json into your Mods/MissionControl folder
  • If you're using MC as part of a modpack, let the modpack authors update MC for you


  • Additional Lances: Reduced the lance reward from 150% to 75%.

Bugs Fixed

  • Original Flashpoints: MC runs for original flashpoints regardless of the settings.json option. This doesn't affect Heavy Metal flashpoints.