Release v0.3.2

This release brings in BT 1.8 compatibility and some features and bugfixes. Sadly, I haven't been able to fix the spawn and load issues yet but I am working on it.

Tracked by Milestone - v0.3.2

Major Features

  • Added BattleTech 1.8 support
  • Additional Lances: Added contract rewards for destroying Additional Lance enemy lances.
    • Read the AL documentation for the RewardsPerLance section. Default is 20% contract value reward.
  • Extended Boundaries: Provided more control on the size of the encounter boundaries
  • Added ability to prevent specific Additional Lance lance configs from autofilling with Extended Lance autofill

Minor Features

  • Random Spawns: Provided a setting to turn off random spawns for the original map spawns (Additional Lances and Extended Lances will still spawn according to their spawn profile even with this turned to false)

Bugs Fixed

  • Quick Skirmish: Launching into a Quick Skirmish is now fixed. Thanks KMiSSioN
  • Quick Skmirish: Completing a Quick Skirmish fight is now fixed.